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Invaded by the Bonka Ball Boy's from Birmingham
20th June 2011

Can you ever have too many blokes wearing blue T-shirts in the pub at lunch time?  The Monday Club have discovered that you can! More HERE


The Monday Club's Expedition to find the Source of the Ems raised 1,001.50 for the Wessex Neurological Centre.

The monies raised were presented to Neil Westbrook, the charity’s appeals coordinator, at the Coal Exchange, the expedition’s HQ, in Emsworth.

Neil said, "This is a terrific result and we are sincerely grateful to all those who participated in the walk and those who so generously sponsored them."

The money raised will contribute to the Trust’s current appeal project which aims to provide surgeons at the Wessex Neurological Centre with cutting-edge technology - Fluorescence Enhanced Neurosurgery that can benefit hundreds of patients each year. Fluorescence Enhanced Neurosurgery (FEN) offers a completely new way of visualising blood-flow in the brain during neurovascular surgery.

The Wessex Neurological Centres provides a dedicated, integrated, 24 hour acute neurosurgical and neurological assessment, investigation and treatment service. It sits within a large teaching hospital with clear priorities for maintaining high standards of care and developing its specialist services for the community. Serving a population of over 3 million people spread across central southern England and the Channel Islands. Approximately 4,000 inpatients and 13,000 outpatients are treated each year at the centre.

Saturday 25th March 2009 Emsworth Barmaids at 10.30qm

Following the success of the Emsworth Barmaids Calendar, the girls from the Coal Exchange will be handing over a cheque to St Wilfrid’s Hospice for the sum of 2500 at The Coal Exchange.